HTC thinks wearable device, new flagship phone will lead to a better year


Despite a well-reviewed flagship smartphone, a generally solid line of devices and Robert Downey Jr., 2013 was a rough year for HTC. The company’s shares fell 53 percent, its revenue dropped and it reported its first annual net loss. HTC execs appear optimistic, though, that a new flagship smartphone and wearable device, along with a renewed focus on marketing, can help turn things around this year, according to Bloomberg.

“2013 wasn’t a very good year for HTC,” Chialin Chang, HTC’s chief financial officer and head of global sales, said in an interview with Bloomberg. “We have to admit we took our eyes somewhat off the ball in making sure we have a robust portfolio in the mid- and affordable end, which we’re fixing now.”

Unlike its competitor Samsung, HTC didn’t release a ton of devices last year, letting its Desire handsets do most of the mid-range lifting. And…

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