CircleCI nets $6M from DJF to take its continuous integration global



CircleCI, the San Francisco startup that aims to take continuous integration and delivery mainstream, just nailed down $6 million in a Series A funding round led by DFJ to make its SaaS service more broadly available. DFJ partner Bubba Murarka will join CircleCI’s board.

The idea of continuous integration is to streamline the speed of software development, which is “difficult as apps grow larger and more complex,” said CircleCI co-founder Paul Biggar (pictured above) in a statement. “This investment allows us to continue to deliver the features developers need to continuously integrate and deliver software faster and far more easily on a global scale.”

Software developers at companies like Facebook(s fb) and Google(s goog) add new features, test them and integrate them in as uninterrupted a workflow as possible, which is where tools like CircleCI, Codeship, Jenkins and Wercker come in handy.

The new funding comes almost exactly a year…

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